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Take on 2019!

Take on 2019!

Gym-bound January

If you are joining the masses hitting the gym this January, the Bantry C is the season's must-have accessory. 

  • Water resistant 
  • Great capacity 
  • Internal dividers
  • External pocket

All delivered in a hard-wearing, minimalist style; this is the perfect gym bag, no matter what your busy life demands of you in the meantime.

Goldie Locks like Gym Bag

For years I have battled with various types of gym bags.  The classic shoulder bag tends to have good capacity, but it is uncomfortable to carry when loaded.  It also tends to have a single large compartment, which is caused problems with wet towels or sweaty gear.  The leather weekend tote is simple and hard-wearing, but again is awkward to carry when heavy.

When my Roka (Bantry C) arrived (in my favourite shade of yellow) I realised:

I may have found the answer to my dream gym bag question!

So I put it to the test.  I loaded my bag with everything but the kitchen sink and set off to my aerobics class via the school run. Despite getting caught in a downpour, my kit stayed completely dry and I had no back or shoulder pain.  

Push it to the Limit

In a bid to make my Roka bag work even harder, my next test was to take my Bantry C swimming. 

The dual compartments were perfect for separating my wet and dry clothes, and the front pocket was perfect for quick access to my mobile, keys and change for the locker. 

Over the Ridge & Over the Moon

Finally, with the family all wrapped up warm and we set off hiking, my Bantry in tote. Despite my bag being jammed full with water bottles and bribery for the children (snacks and sweets), I was comfortable the entire time. Thanks to the wide comfy straps and the padded back, the Roka passed yet another challenge.

  • Durable enough for a hike 
  • Size enough for everything the family needed 
  • Comfortable enough to go for miles

So whichever activity you choose to keep you moving through January - swimming, hiking, or getting back to the gym - choose a Roka bag in your favourite colour to keep you smiling through the cold winter months.

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