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A Worry-Free Valentine's Day

A Worry-Free Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day  

It is probably my favourite holiday, but there are so many decisions to make:

  • where to go?
  • what to do?
  • most importantly - what to wear?!
My first date with my husband of nearly 10 years was on Valentine's Day, so maybe that's why I love it!

Planning what to wear on the perfect date can be tricky.

Everyone loves a surprise, but how on Earth are we supposed to know how to dress appropriately?! Especially when it comes to footwear... no one wants to go for a sunset country walk in high heels! Even your perfect, better half might not think to give warning. 

So my solution is the perfect bag.

You can pack an emergency pair of flats, some extra makeup and maybe a statement necklace so you can quickly turn your look from day to night. And I personally always take a small first aid kit (but that's a story for a different time!)!

My bag of choice for a date is a cross body bag.

  • Comfortable for walking about
  • Plenty of room
  • Stylish & simply

My suggestion?

Go for a Paddington by Roka, you will have an ideal balance between sportswear and luxe. Check it out here!

So where to go?  

My advice is to choose a date that's a bit different, go for a walk in nature or try something you've never done before like circus skills or trampolining!  If the date is a success then it will be a great 'how we met' story. If it's a failure, then at least it will be an interesting failure!

Happy Valentine's Day

& whoever you choose to spend your day with, do something special, make a memory!  If you feel special so will your Valentine's Day.
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