Bantry - Our Classic Back Pack Collection

Classic but cool and trendy. A special characteristic of these bags are its lightness, while being extremely tough and durable.

The Bantry collection comes in four different styles - Bantry B, Bantry C, Bantry D and Bantry H.  The differences in the styles is the front pocket, otherwise they are all the same!  They come in two different sizes, a small perfect Cutie bag and a medium size which is perfect for your laptop etc.

The outer material is made from a treated proofed nylon. It passes a 3 stage coating process which provides firmness, a matte finish and makes it water resistant. The base is a extra coated canvas making it waterproof. The straps are from cotton webbing which get really soft and comfy with use. The hardware is galvanised metal that is smoked and the ROKA logo is engraved in the buckle. The zips are coloured and chunky which provides character and charm.