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  • Roka Bags | Canfield C | Blue | Backpack
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    Canfield C Ink

    from £ 54.95 GBP

    A splash of classic with a twist of trendy.   This roll top, wide mouthed bag is perfect for any commuter because of its weather resistance, durabi...

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  • Oxford B Ink
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    Oxford B Ink

    £ 59.95 GBP

    The “Minimalist” Bread and Butter Bag Keep your look fresh.   The Oxford B brings together the classic look of our Bread and Butter collection with...

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  • Oxford C Ink
    Sold out

    Oxford C Ink

    £ 54.95 GBP

    The “Classic” Bread and Butter Bag Inspired by a classic, reimagined for you.    Designed to make a bold statement and keep your belongings safe wi...

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