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The ROKA Royal Collection

To celebrate our Queen's momentous Platinum Jubilee we have put together an exquisite ROKA Royal Collection. Sending warm wishes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her 70th anniversary.

  • Roka Bags | Bantry B | Purple | Backpack
    Save 25%

    Bantry B Lavender

    from Original Price £ 49.95 GBP
    from £ 37.46 GBP

    The Bantry B is our original backpack with a chunky zip at the top. Each Bantry has four straps for being carried on your back or by your side, wit...

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  • Bantry C Lavender
    Save 25%

    Bantry C Lavender

    Original Price £ 59.95 GBP
    Current Price £ 44.96 GBP

    The Bantry C is our bold classic backpack with a chunky zip in the wide mouth at the top. The Bantry C has four straps for being carried on your ba...

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  • Roka Bags | Finchley A | Purple | Backpack
    Save 25%

    Finchley A Lavender

    from Original Price £ 54.95 GBP
    from £ 41.21 GBP

    ROKA's minimalist-design, roll-top backpack. Play it cool with our minimalist-design, roll-top backpack with a large front pocket with zip. This we...

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