Primrose Simple Purple / Red
Primrose Simple Purple / Red

Primrose Simple Purple / Red

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Where warmth meets freedom, making busy lives a little cosier and a lot more flexible!

Designed for busy lives, our Primrose fingerless gloves offer maximum warmth for your palms and wrists whilst your fingers enjoy total freedom!

Available in 4 unique ROKA London colour two-tone pairings.

Size Matters
One size

What’s what?
50% Viscose, 28% Polyester, 22% Nylon

Did You Know?
All our ROKA London products are named after places that are dear to us in our hometown of London, UK. The Primrose Gloves are named after the iconic Primrose Hill. One of London’s six protected viewpoints, Primrose Hill offers a spectacular view of London where we dined on summer picnics and watched the world go by.

Choose a different path – #helloroka

ROKA London Bags and Backpacks are made for everyone. Please see our Size Guide Page to see the bag sizes on different height models.

ROKA London bags can be simply cleaned with a wet sponge or damp cloth. The materials used are designed to be durable and weather resistant and the straps will become softer and more comfortable with use. Will build our bags to last, and we think they look even cooler once used for a while!

We’re serious about sustainability an have been using repurposed textiles and recycled plastic for its bags since 2020. We have two types of materials for our bags and backpacks, both are weather-resistant, lightweight and durable.

Recycled Canvas is made from post-consumer waste, that’s used plastic bottles and containers that are cleaned, chipped and spun into polyester yarn. Our recycled (rPET) canvas material has a matte look and textured feel.  

Recycled Nylon is made from pre-consumer waste, which involves the process of recycling fibres from unused garments, repurposed material and offcuts. It has a shiny look with a smooth feel. 

We have recently become a certified B Corp which means we will be even more proactive in our quest to be a sustainable business. You can read more about our Sustainability ambitions here.